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  1. And My Next Project is…

    And My Next Project is… For the last three months I’ve been in the developing stages of a novel, the first in a series, scheduled to release early next year. It’s a story that started out, a couple of years ago, as a sci-fi spec script simply titled after it’s protagonist: Sylvia. Now, it’s a psychological thriller with a sci-if edge titled: Cadaver Dog. At first, the novel was going to be a total recreation and rewrite… View On WordPress

    3 months ago
  2. You’re Not There (pt2)

    You’re Not There (pt2) I keep going back to the place where we first met Guess I’m hoping that I’ll met you again Strangers all I see instead And they’re nothing like you Sometimes, I sit there and wait all night Our friends and family get concerned But I tell them that I’m all right I’m just waiting for an answer Why should I go home when you’re not there? Can somebody answer me? Why should I go home if you’re not… View On WordPress

    3 months ago
  3. Wake Up, Baby

    She said: Wake up, Baby Its morning I really had a good time last night But my boyfriends on his way home You gotta go — What am I doing this for? Sneaking out another back door Good enough to take home at night Not enough to stay in the day I tell myself that I’m the Man ‘Cause another chick just got slayed But as I get ready to go All I wanna do is just stay Don’t wanna go home alone Got… View On WordPress

    1 4 months ago
  4. 4 months ago
  5. From The Trees 1 4 months ago
  6. One Dance

    Original Music: R&B Instrumental. AudioPuzzle4 View On WordPress

    1 4 months ago
  7. I was messing around on my iPad towards the end of 2013 using a great app called “53″ FiftyThree. I was just doodling about and as what usually happens my mind began to wondered and a created a cool little group of characters called CheckMates. Basically, they are rejected Chess Pieces bent on getting back into the game, so to speak, lol! I’ve got a couple sketches below. If I had more art skills, I know I could really turn it into something light-hearted and funny. A quirky little comic strip. I’m still working on their designs, to see how I can make them look better, more stylized, yet still simple and easy to replicate with my lower-than-basic art skills, lol. Anyway, here they are:   Meet The CheckMates! I was messing around on my iPad towards the end of 2013 using a great app called “53” …

    4 months ago
  8. You Got Me

    You’ve got me Sitting here Watching the clock Counting down the time Until I Can come and see you, baby Can’t concentrate On my work today Cause all I’m thinking ’bout Is holding you, baby Throw my car drive Cursing traffic lights Because they’re stopping me From seeing you, baby Finally, get home We can be alone And do what we just want to do — You’ve go me rushing home To be with you Got me so… View On WordPress

    2 4 months ago
  9. So Special

    One of my latest original tracks from AudioPuzzle 4. — You’re so special To Me You’re everything I wanted You to be It’s hardly hard to love you It’s easy I can go on as long as It’s you and me You and me… View On WordPress

    4 months ago
  10. Why Should I Try?

    Why Should I Try? Oh, I’m sure that you expected me To stop you at the door Pleading, baby, please But, I said, no more I’m not gonna play this game Something has to change And It might as well be me I gotta question for you, girl — Why should I try When you play games? Why should I try When you don’t care? Why should I try When it’s all about you? Why should I try To make this work? — It’s not cool That I let… View On WordPress

    4 months ago
  11. Long As You Know

    Long As You Know AudioPuzzle 3: Original, Instrumental Long as you know that’s its all right. View On WordPress

    4 months ago
  12. Run-A-Way

    She takes after her mother Who was never a girl who could stand still Every man she dates She lets him think that he has the right skills She only lets him in So she can get what she wants And once she has his soul She suddenly turns cold And when he gets too close And starts professing his love What does she do? Run-A-Way — There she goes again, taught to runaway from love There she goes again,… View On WordPress

    4 months ago
  13. 4 months ago
  14. Gimme Love Or Let Me Go

    Gimme Love Or Let Me Go Original Music: Instrumental. Made this one a while back. View On WordPress

    5 months ago
  15. List Of Demands

    List Of Demands Stop what you’re doing, I want you to come over So we can relax and chill on the sofa Watch scary movies and laugh at the fakers Guess how they end and see where they take ‘em When we get hungry we’ll eat home cooked meals Then play videogames to see who got skills and When it’s game over get ready to get closer In every other way, but wait, I’m not finished — Then I want you to spend the night View On WordPress

    3 5 months ago